The Effects of Smoking on Your Smile

Smoking can be bad for your overall health. As you’ve heard it poses a lot of health risks. It can increase chances for cancer, lung disease and even heart disease. Smoking is not good for your health but most of the time we don’t talk about what smoking does to your oral health.

As you can guess, smoking is not good for your teeth either. There are some short-term treatment options available to smokers but overall the short-term and long term problems are very serious. Here is a list of the effects smoking has on your smile.

It Can Stain Your Teeth
In general people who smoke usually have darker and discolored teeth over people who do not smoke. This is because nicotine, the main ingredient in cigarettes is combined with tar and other chemicals, which causes a discoloration of the natural tooth color. Have you noticed that many smokers have yellow or brown teeth? Over time the natural white tooth color is drastically faded. We can help you restore your natural tooth color. Doctor McDowell, a dentist in Gladstone, specializes in cosmetic and restorative services. If you want teeth whitening, visit us for a consultation.

Smoking Causes Bad Breath

Bad breath is also known as halitosis, the effect smoking has on your breath will often turn non-smokers away. Many times, people who smoke do not notice the smell but people around you will always notice. A dentist is usually the first person to see the effects smoking has on your overall health. It always shows up in the mouth first.

Dry Mouth
People who smoke usually have drier mouths then people who do not. Salvia normally helps remove unwanted food particles in the mouth. But when the mouth is dry this normal process cannot happen. If you smoke makes sure to drink extra water to help produce more salvia flow.

Tooth Decay
Smoking can cause people to have a dry mouth, which will often lead to more plaque build up because the salvia flow can not work naturally. If you are a smoker and have experienced any of these symptoms visit your doctor and dentist soon to help with these conditions.

There is still time to help your health. Quitting smoking and ending your habit will help you for many years to come. this combined with regular dental visits every 6 months will help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Make an appointment to visit the dentist.