Root Canal Therapy


Restoring Teeth To Health

Dental decay and disease take their toll on your long-term oral health. When a tooth becomes badly damaged, a root canal may be the only option for saving the tooth and restoring it to health. The idea of undergoing a root canal can cause anxiety, but don’t worry. Even though a root canal carries the reputation for causing severe discomfort, the procedure is no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled.


Safe, Effective, and Minimally Invasive

During a root canal, the pulp and nerve of a tooth are removed. The tooth’s interior is then thoroughly clean to remove any lingering bacteria. The tooth is then filled and capped. The filling will strengthen the tooth and provide the stability needed for the tooth to function just like before. Once the procedure is complete, your tooth will look, function, and feel like normal.

Our team at our Gladstone dentistry, Mosley Dental, will do everything possible to save a tooth badly damaged by dental decay. However, a root canal may be the only option to save a tooth if the tooth has deteriorated beyond repair. Rather than losing the tooth, a root canal offers a safe, effective, and minimally invasive option for restoring your smile back to health.