How To Keep Your Smile White

Keeping your smile brilliant is one of the most important things in many people’s lives. We all would like to have our teeth look our best and show our pearly whites to world. So here are a few simple fixes to help convert your grin from dingy to vivid with just a few easy steps. At Mosley Dental, your Gladstone dentist of choice, we want to make sure you have the teeth you’ve always dreamed about, so here are our tips for a brighter smile

In The Morning

Taking time with your teeth and mouth every morning can really pay dividends for a healthier and brighter smile. Be sure to take the right amount of time when you brush and floss your teeth each morning. Dr. Mosley recommends spending two to three minutes every time to carefully brush your teeth and also remembering to floss with a foot length long piece of dental floss as well. If you are using any whitening strips to help brighten your teeth, you often can overlook applying in the evenings due to tiredness or just forgetting. However, if you can make applying the strips part of your morning routine, say just before your shower or face wash, then they will have the necessary time to make a difference. This will also help you to set your dental routine in a way that really works for your schedule.

Post Midday Meals

As many folks tend to brush only at night or in the morning, any food bits and sugars that we ingest throughout the day will remain on our teeth. Foods like coffee, tea, wine, or chocolate, are all easy stainers of your white teeth, but many other foods can also stain. The longer a staining material is put against your teeth, the more chance it has to shade your smile. Brushing after lunch or snacks is really the best thing you can do to avoid this. Often, we just don’t have time so even if you can remember to rinse your mouth out with water, it can help rid your mouth of any staining food or drink that may affect your smile.

The Best Things to Snack On

As three o’clock rolls around and you get those afternoon munchies, make some healthy choices to keep your teeth white. Don’t reach for a Coke or Snickers; instead, have veggies like celery or carrots and drink water. By eating vegetables and drinking water, you will help eliminate the dangerous bacteria that causes stains on your teeth. This modest change not only will help keep your smile brilliant, but also has the benefit of being better for your waistline.

In The Evening

Contrary to popular opinion, after you are done with dinner or dessert you should not brush your teeth straight away. Many of the foods we love to eat are high in acids which can soften the enamel on your teeth. If you brush right after eating these foods, you run the risk of also brushing off your enamel! A better option is to stick a piece of sugar-free chewing gum in your mouth. A few of these gums also have Calprox which can assist in eradicating stains and help to spread the flow of saliva which is very good for your oral health. By increasing saliva, you are again assisting to unlodge any food particles or sugars left in your mouth and helping to counteract that nasty bacteria. Right before bed, a thorough brushing and a quick rinse of mouthwash is all you need to keep your smile white and happy.

Please check with the helpful team at Mosley Dental if you any other questions about how to keep your teeth white. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or checkup.