Helping Your Smile: The 7 Top Cosmetic Dentistry Needs

Your smile may be the most important part of your personality. Cosmetic dentistry is full of helpful procedures that can assist you in taking care of that smile. This can help you feel confident, assured, and proud of your grin for many years to come.


One of the most common cosmetic procedures, some teeth yellow with age or by using tobacco products, drinking coffee, tea, cola, or red wine. Other staining and discoloration can be from a build up of plaque and tartar, exposure to high levels of fluoride, or trauma to teeth. Many people choose to whiten their teeth to boost self-confidence, have a younger appearance, make a lasting first impression, or get ready for special occasions.

Tooth Reshaping

Some teeth can end up crooked or too long, while others may end up broken, chipped, or cracked over time. Without the needs for braces or other cumbersome appliances, tooth reshaping can fix many common cosmetic imperfections. Reshaping can be a great and easy way to enhance your smile.


Another way of improving a smile is through dental bonding, which is where a tooth-colored resin material is put on the affected teeth and hardened with a UV light or a laser. This bonding material can then be manipulated and molded to the desired shape and the light securely bonds the material to the teeth. The end result closely matches the original color of the tooth.

Dental Bridges

If you are missing a tooth, one of the best options may be a dental bridge. Also known as false teeth or pontics, these bridges span the gap where a tooth or teeth may be missing. The bridge uses crowns or caps on the two abutment tor anchoring teeth and a false tooth or teeth goes between them. Gold, porcelain, alloys or a combination of these materials are often used new false teeth.


Veneers are another wonderful option to improve your smile. Thin, custom laminates are bonded directly to the teeth and help close gaps or change the color, shape and size. These veneers can be made from porcelain or resin composite, and are great at taking care of discolorations and brightening your teeth.

Gum Lift

Gum lifts, also known as a gingivectomy, is where a dentist reshapes the gums and gum line. Some patients have gums that have not receded properly, while others wish to show more of their teeth and less gum. This procedure gently raises or removes parts of the gums to the correct position and the natural beauty of your smile can be revealed.

Bite Reclamation

Some people have years of wear on their teeth caused by grinding, acid reflux. or other issues. This can result in a closed or shorter look to a smile. With bite reclamation, a dentist can open up a patient’s bite, reclaim their vertical dimension and, as an added benefit, this procedure can even help prevent wrinkles from developing.
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